Kevin J. McDonnell - Resume and Portfolio

816 Tacoma Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14216
Home: (716) 836-3104
E-Mail: KJM010@GMail.Com

Summary of Qualifications

Applications Specialist with 10 years of experience working in a corporate environment providing internal & external customer service. Recipient of multiple recognition awards who demonstrates a wide variety of experience & flexibility.

Selected Skills:

• Software Development                                         • CompTIA A+ Trained                                                  • International Trade

• Process Improvement                                           •  CompTIA N+ Trained                                                 • Sales & Marketing Support

• Technology Implementation                              • COPC Customer Service                                              • Logistics Management

• Medical Claims/Data Processing                    • Healthcare Analytics                                                   • Special Investigations


Powerful, proven analytical skills with thousands of hours developing and implementing applications software for complex problems. Excellent calculative abilities combined with a penchant for adapting to new software and environments.

Computer Skills

Applications: Access, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook, VISIO, Trizetto Facets, COGNOS, McKesson - CRMS, Imaging/Scanning & Document Conversion

Software: MS Office Master, Comprehensive Database Configuration - from scratch to reporting, Extensive Report Writing, New Software Acclimation, Digital Media – all formats: audio, video, still, flowcharts, Mobile Office & Communications configuration & maintenance.

Hardware: A+, N+, PC Building(10 Years), Network Maintenance(5 years), Digital Media equipment & maintenance(10 years), Wireless Security System Maintenance(5 years)

Professional Experience

TIME WARNER, INC., Buffalo, New York 2009 - present

Technical Support Specialist – Business Class Department

Providing support and information on high speed Internet Products & Services, PC & Network Equipment, E-mail Configurations, Security & Data Solutions And Business Class Phone Systems.

            Top attitude, participation and scores during a voluminous 6 week training program.

            Noted, quick acclimation to a complex technical environment.

            $150 bonus for outstanding service for my 1st month’s work.

            Unique Windows configuration for dealing with an abundance of applications.


Ad Hoc Solutions, Inc., Buffalo, New York 2008 - 2009


Coordinated the development of several database applications for THE NOCO Corporation. Collaborated with decision makers& their team members to define business requirements and effect testing. Created software and procedures related to the commercial delivery of a software development process. Set up a multi-node network to facilitate marketing, project management and accounting.

Built the HedgeBook Db and the SCDb(Sales Commissions Db) to save time & improve reporting.

Built project management software which produces Progress Reports, Invoicing & Task Management.

Set up a computer Network, including configuration and maintenance with Web Service/Site & E-Mail.


Ingram Micro, Inc., Williamsville, New York 2007 - 2008

Operations Analyst II - Transportation & Logistics Department

Managed North American freight for an electronics wholesale distribution network. Developed database applications to transform vendor data submissions into usable reporting. Acted as the liaison with an outsourced freight, audit & pay company, trading communications regarding the timely settlement of accounts payable. Negotiated settlements with vendors. Handled internal and external customers regarding the status of freight worldwide. Investigated trouble tickets relating to shipping questions.

Successfully developed applications software that accessed and aggregated data for a logistics operation.

Improved reporting about accounting situations, correspondence traffic and incoming data.

Formed great relationships in order to coordinate with outsourced freight audit & pay company.


HealthNow (Blue Cross/Blue Shield Of WNY), Buffalo, New York 1999 - 2006

Health Care Analytics Analyst - Business Intelligence Group (2005 - 2006)

Provided healthcare analytics to area’s largest heath plan within their data processing center. Participated in the deployment of new and updated versions of software applications. Created and maintained utilities which access and process data pertaining to membership, claims, referrals, marketing, quality assurance, a provider incentive program and other functional areas of a major health insurance plan.

Completed data analysis projects with most departments and brought reporting back to my dept.

Created new flowcharts, manuals and diagrams to represent processes and for training purposes.

Excelled in training & acquired practical experience using COGNOS, CRMS & Facets.

Led innovative training sessions for acclimation to new software.

Improved clarity for regular and ad hoc reporting, such as provider counts & claims analysis.

Operations Analyst - Network Management (2003 - 2005)

Provided award-winning data analysis and reporting in a busy Network Provider Department. Analyzed data for health providers, government regulatory agencies industry certification organizations, and internal & external customers. Integral participant developing Process Flow and IT solutions. Member of ad hoc teams created to manage a complex incentive program which was heavily dependent on data.

Recipient of various citations, bonuses and awards for dedication to corporate objectives including the Valuing Employee & Partners Award and the Exemplify Passion Award.

Programmed electronic utilities that extracted clinically defined criteria for tabulation, scoring incentives and interdiction.

Created numerous GUI database applications for data testing, analysis, and process development.

Created innovative reports for internal and external customers with accolades for timeliness.

Implemented new mailing logic which has and will continue to save in postal costs.

Service Representative - Customer Service Department (2000 - 2003)

Provided customer service, in a COPC certified call center, to members, groups and providers of a major health insurance plan. Processed health insurance claims, medical referrals, away from home care requests, applications for adjustments, and filing procedures. Trained new representatives.

Consistent leader of metrics in a COPC certified call center.

Analyst - Actuarial Department (1999 - 2000)

Assisted with the deployment of an industry leading software package called Facets. Maintained and developed product codes for Facets using Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.

After starting as a temp, promoted to long term temp after great performance assisting the deployment.


F.W. Myers & Co., Inc., Buffalo, New York 1994 - 1998

Release Clerk, Peace Bridge Office

Supervised US Customs procedures by which commodities enter the US via the Peace Bridge at Buffalo, New York. Prepared documents related to the transfer of commercial shipments across international borders.



1991 - 1993 Western State College of Colorado, Gunnison, Colorado

1990 - 1991 Erie Community College, Buffalo, New York

1983 - 1987 Canisius High School, Buffalo, New York



                                                    Campus Linc, Inc., Amherst, New York

                                                    Computer Education Services Corporation, Amherst, New York





Portfolio for Kevin McDonnell - Databases and Reporting Examples



Database Applications Created from Scratch


The HedgeBook Db:   This application was created to track company sales as they relate to transactions made on the NYMEX trading floor.


Text Box: Company LOGO



SCDb(Sales Commissions Db)





On-Site Review Switchboard:                 This application was created to manage inspections conducted by Representatives of a Health Insurance Co.





Mental Health Providers Database: This application was created for Mental Health Vendor to advise customers who they could see.


Text Box: Company LOGO


Contract Mailing Project: This database was created to acknowledge receipt of registered contract packages





Provider Counts:           This database was created to count the number of providers in a variety of ways including geographically, by specialty, by agreement type, by provider type and much more; also, including metrics such as quality scores, cost trends and procedure & diagnosis frequencies.

Text Box: Company LOGO

















   Health e Net Tracking:        This database was created to track health care providers who signed up for an on-line consortium, and those who have not.











Coumadin Clinic Claims Database:                     This database was created to track the medical claims of customers who were engaged in a study being conducted by the a Medical Group.





Percent Generic Corrections:

This database was created to correct assignment of prescriptions to a particular provider.
















Percent Generic Database:               This database was created to calculate the percent of prescriptions prescribed by providers, which were generic. This calculation was used to determine, in part, this medical group’s incentive payments.

















Provider Participation Analysis:                 This database was created for Marketing to compare the providers in one of our networks to the providers who had previously been available to a group’s Providers under their former Health Insurance Plan.





























Scoring Mechanisms Created from Scratch



CRMS Provider and Member Claims Data by ETG:                             This database was created to list claims involved in a particular provider’s Episode Treatment Group.



















Incentive Programs:

These databases aggregated scores, claims, member counts and other criteria & calculated the dollar amounts of a provider’s semi-annual incentive payment.














HMO 100 Provider Network Reselection Database:    When I started this process it consisted of 5 separate databases, a number of spreadsheets and an antiquated multistep selection process which resulted in various spreadsheets that our personnel had to comb through to find reselection results. The HMO 100 reselection process which I created is contained in one single database, accessible to everyone and includes statistical reporting, historic view, SIDS review, Provider participation analysis and midlevel analysis. The database counts and compares our providers before and after reselection, applies clinically defined criteria, applies filters for excluded groups & IPAs and type & specialties, sorts and organizes lists and provides a search function to quickly report on a provider’s reselection status. I am proud to report that what once took weeks and months to process, can now be done at the press of a button and results in tables, reports, comparisons, analysis, change request lists and mailing lists in several short hours. The previous method involved 27 pages of instruction and a lengthy process of importing, exporting, changing data formats, manual grouping & sorting and the previous mail logic which resulted in the costly return of 20% of our mail. The new process requires no documentation, because it requires only one button to run the selection, create the mailing & change request and populate the reporting tool. The only documentation remaining is the clinical criteria for the reselection, which is available within the database itself as a hyperlink.
































Household Management or Off Duty Databases Created from Scratch


Knights of Columbus, Council 319 Membership Database























Learning Database:




















Household Maintenance Database (Including Vehicle Maintenance):
















































Reporting Examples:



Percent Generic Reporting:








Text Box: Company LOGO
Fee Schedules:Text Box: Company LOGO















Provider Lists(Endless varieties):
























Procedure Aggregations:































Product Lists:











Provider Incentive Program Results:

















Provider Counts:Text Box: Company LOGO
Text Box: Company LOGO


























File Space Usage:



































Provider & Member Claims Lists:

















Awards & Accolades: